Me and Mathematics

Me and the math. My math and I. Math is my life. Math helps me be alive. I live with math. Without them I would be nothing. And the mother, the math, I see her still from afar, like a God on the frontier. But what, is it different math math? Well, yes, probably yes, almost certainly. In this humble website we do math without more. We learn and that's good. But, it's true, math is something else. 

Limit calculator

Let's say that it is beyond, that unites us and at the same time separates us. He doesn't let himself be apprehended. He lets himself be seen in his existence. I'm one of those who think we haven't created it. It was already there. The math. We could go into internal, historical aspects, but this is not the time to solve Limit Calculator

Having said that and, in any case, after years of working with mathematics in the classroom, my illusion is the mathematics of walking around the house. I like people to learn things, to know what I do, to see the exercises, exams and everything that we work in class. We must be close. It's not that hard. 

There are students who are approaching with fear and then see that this math is easier than it seems. Yes, we must learn, without remedy, certain rudiments. Like when you learn to read and write. From there I guarantee that for many the desire to know will be, if not immediate, inevitable. There is a problem: arrival a certain age other things can and seduces. Okay, all right, but the math is there, they'll always be there. They're not difficult in the background. Think like that. Even if it sometimes gives the feeling that mathematics will grow and multiply branching, and seem more complicated. Yes it is true but it is not true. 

We are the ones who are more difficult and more complex. If we loose ballast we will see light where we thought to see darkness. We'll see simplicity where we thought to see difficulty. The stuff I do, the math, I love them like my life. Moreover, they are part of my life. Science, mathematics, has given me the chance to be here and to do this. I will continue in the gap trying to convey what I know. Are my students eager to know? I don't know. Some people say it's easier to feed out of curiosity. But the course just started going. And the next of the. We can shoot two months talking about Rubik's Cube, translations and turns, combinatoric and probability around the mysterious cube. But all that needs to be put on paper. And that counts (and a lot), and that's what it costs. It is true that with illusion it costs less. 

Each unit will have to carry its illusion. But the illusion of mathematics is difficult, very difficult today, to transmit. Still, far from throwing the towel, I embarked on this, on this site. And here it is. This is a product to help, to give people high school and high school certain facilities that I did not have. I was looking for books on lost shelves. In places where the humidity prevailed and where, still, the books were waiting for me. I do it because I love this. And I'll keep doing it. God wants my whole life. Because math, math, and God, they're probably the same thing.


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